League Pass Alert: How You Know The NBA Season Is Just Around The Corner

League Pass makes us happy

I’m jones-ing for hoops something bad.  Some of it’s cabin fever – I’m not a football fan, and baseball’s less fun when the Twins suck – but when I go this long without watching hoops, I get twitchy and need a fix.

My drug of choice is NBA League Pass. This morning, I got a little taste. It wasn’t a fix – that’ll come when the preseason starts – but it wasn’t nothing, either.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” you’re saying. “All basketball bloggers say they’re hoops junkies. Get over yourself.”

Point taken. But the thing is, it’s true–we’re *really* jonesing for hoops. Like, *really*.

Show, don’t tell–that’s what every book on writing ever written advises. So, to show you how depraved our hoops addiction is here at Punch-Drunk Wolves, I chronicled the aforementioned “taste” below the fold so you can decide for yourself.

7:30 AM: Monday morning. A new work week. Lots to do. I wake up to a BlackBerry full of emails. I can’t think to deal with this yet. Still tired. Maybe I should call in sick? I’m not sick. I should get up. I hit the snooze. Pretty standard for a Monday.

7:40 AM: My alarm goes off again. I yawn and grab my phone again, scrolling further down this time, and randomly opening a few messages while my brain starts coming to grips with the realization that we’re waking up now. I see a message from someone I don’t recognize. It says “COACH.” Could this be spam from Rick Adelman? Did David Kahn spoof his account so he could spam Wolves fans until they’re so annoyed they’ll demand Glen Taylor fire him? So devious. Is this a dream?

7:41 AM: I know for sure that I’m awake when I open “COACH’s” email and it’s filled with ads for designer purses. My wife must have hacked my Amazon account again. I thought we talked about that. I make a mental note to change my Amazon password and hit delete.

7: 42 AM: I scroll down a bit more. I see a message from “NBA”. It looks like something from NBA.com. Hmm. How did NBA.com get through Gmail’s spam filter, I wondered. This has David Stern written all over it.

7:43 AM: I tap the screen to open “NBA’s” email. What is Stern up to now?

7:43 AM: My eyes light up when the message loads: this isn’t spam. This is my League Pass auto-renewal. No need to go online, change my forgotten password, and feel like I’m giving my credit card info DIRECTLY to Adam Silver. Score.

7:44 AM: Still stoked that the League Pass gods have graced me with another season of hoops.

7:44 AM: See a message from Andy G: “Season must be right around the corner…” Hells f*cking yeah. That’s what I’m sayin’.

7:46 AM: I thumb back a quick reply to Andy G: “Just got mine too… :)” I don’t usually deal in emoticons, but like Jay Bilas, I gotta go to work.

7:49 AM: Andy G. replies very quickly. I’m just taking my first sip of coffee when he hits me with a reply. It’s priceless: “The email makes me even more excited that the season is almost here than INCENSED that the fee is just lining the pockets of ADAM SILVER!”

7:49 AM: I hit him back with a LOL in response and go to work. This is why we blog.



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  1. Alberto Super

    Hey you… Yeah, you. I got some black market Euro hoops I can hook you up with. Two for twenty. Best eastern block stuff you’ll ever get your hands on there, twitchy. Hey dude, quit scratching yourself raw… You look like Tyrone Biggums.