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League Pass Alert: How You Know The NBA Season Is Just Around The Corner

League Pass makes us happy

I’m jones-ing for hoops something bad.  Some of it’s cabin fever – I’m not a football fan, and baseball’s less fun when the Twins suck – but when I go this long without watching hoops, I get twitchy and need a fix.

My drug of choice is NBA League Pass. This morning, I got a little taste. It wasn’t a fix – that’ll come when the preseason starts – but it wasn’t nothing, either.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” you’re saying. “All basketball bloggers say they’re hoops junkies. Get over yourself.”

Point taken. But the thing is, it’s true–we’re *really* jonesing for hoops. Like, *really*.

Show, don’t tell–that’s what every book on writing ever written advises. So, to show you how depraved our hoops addiction is here at Punch-Drunk Wolves, I chronicled the aforementioned “taste” below the fold so you can decide for yourself.

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League Pass Alert, Vol. 5: Western Conference League Pass Team

Last year, one had to wonder if Gordon wished he were still wearing this uniform. This coming season, we’re all excited to see him back on the court.

The Punch-Drunk Wolves League Pass Series has taken on a life of its own.  We’re on Volume 5 after two rookie teams, an Eastern Conference Team, and a REACTION POST to the Eastern Conference Team.  Since Pat is enjoying some vacation time back in ‘Sota, I won’t be surprised if he follows this one up with some of his own thoughts again.  Here is your Western Conference League Pass Team.  (Eds. Note: No Timberwolves since we watch those games with Jimmy Pete on the local stations.  League Pass EXEMPT.)

PG – Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors:  Remember how fun it is to watch Steph Curry play?  Me neither.  Because he only played 26 games last year on a tanking Warriors team.  Not this year.  The Dubs now have Andrew Bogut and a supporting cast of wings that actually complement Curry’s playmaking and shooting.  As a Timberwolves fan hoping to see them make the playoffs, the Warriors scare me as 8-Seed Competition.  Curry will be fun to watch this year.  I should add: Steve Nash in a Laker Uniform is more MUST-SEE TV, at least at first, than Curry.  But you’ll see the Lakers on national TV so much that they don’t belong on a League Pass team. Continue reading


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League Pass Alert, Vol. 2: Rookies You (Might) Want To Watch

Did David Kahn cross Jones III off his list after seeing this smile? (Photo by Getty Images)

Andy G and I are doing a series on players you’ll be watching for one reason or another this season on League Pass.

The first installment is here: https://punchdrunkwolves.com/2012/08/23/all-league-pass-team-vol-1-rookies-you-want-to-watch/

 In the first League Pass Alert post, I looked at the rookies you’re gonna wanna see this year on #leaguepass. Think of that as our League Pass All-Rookie 1st team. Think of this one as the 2nd team, the guys you’ll watch when the first teamers aren’t on.

Check it out below the fold.

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