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All-League Pass Teams

A month or so ago, we plowed through six posts with our “All-League Pass Teams.”  That was jumping the gun a little bit, since many had turned off their NBA blog radars.  Now that training camp is underway, we’re noticing an uptick in readers of the site.  With that in mind, here are the links to our All-League Pass Team series:

Volume 1: Rookies you want to watch

Volume 2: Rookies you (might) want to watch

Volume 3: Eastern Conference League Pass Team

Volume 4: When bad teams happen to good players, and the East’s new stopper (REACTION POST)

Volume 5: Western Conference League Pass Team

Volume 6: The “So Bad They’re Good” Team

Enjoy.  (If you haven’t already.)




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League Pass Alert: How You Know The NBA Season Is Just Around The Corner

League Pass makes us happy

I’m jones-ing for hoops something bad.  Some of it’s cabin fever – I’m not a football fan, and baseball’s less fun when the Twins suck – but when I go this long without watching hoops, I get twitchy and need a fix.

My drug of choice is NBA League Pass. This morning, I got a little taste. It wasn’t a fix – that’ll come when the preseason starts – but it wasn’t nothing, either.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” you’re saying. “All basketball bloggers say they’re hoops junkies. Get over yourself.”

Point taken. But the thing is, it’s true–we’re *really* jonesing for hoops. Like, *really*.

Show, don’t tell–that’s what every book on writing ever written advises. So, to show you how depraved our hoops addiction is here at Punch-Drunk Wolves, I chronicled the aforementioned “taste” below the fold so you can decide for yourself.

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League Pass Alert, Vol. 3: Eastern Conference League Pass Team

Don’t think defense is fun to watch? Maybe you haven’t seen Taj Gibson play it.

Patrick J and I are doing a series on players you’ll be watching for one reason or another this season on League Pass.

Timberwolves fans are naturally less familiar with Eastern Conference teams and players.  This is one reason of many why League Pass is a worthwhile purchase and use of time.  The following is my ALL-LEAGUE PASS TEAM, Eastern Conference style.  Oh, and remember the discussion surrounding Rookie Blake Griffin’s eligibility for both the Rookie Game and the regular All-Star Game?  At Punch-Drunk Wolves, rookies only get one team — so the rookies Pat described here and here are INELIGIBLE.

G – John Wall, Washington Wizards: For the same reason you enjoy 100 meters of Usain Bolt, you should also enjoy 48 minutes of John Wall.  The dude is just stupid fast.  His shooting is a problem — a big one — but that hasn’t prevented Rajon Rondo and other point guards from doing good things.  The ‘Zards have expunged some of the cancer that plagued recent seasons and the development of Wall; they traded Nick Young and let Andray Blatche take his talents elsewhere.  Now that Wall can team with legit NBA talent (Nene, Okafor, Bradley Beal) the hope for League Pass aficionados is that Wall’s game will develop accordingly.  His athleticism is breathtaking and we’d all benefit from getting to watch more of this guy in big games. Continue reading


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