League Pass Alert, Vol. 2: Rookies You (Might) Want To Watch

Did David Kahn cross Jones III off his list after seeing this smile? (Photo by Getty Images)

Andy G and I are doing a series on players you’ll be watching for one reason or another this season on League Pass.

The first installment is here: https://punchdrunkwolves.com/2012/08/23/all-league-pass-team-vol-1-rookies-you-want-to-watch/

 In the first League Pass Alert post, I looked at the rookies you’re gonna wanna see this year on #leaguepass. Think of that as our League Pass All-Rookie 1st team. Think of this one as the 2nd team, the guys you’ll watch when the first teamers aren’t on.

Check it out below the fold.

PG – Austin Rivers, New Orleans Hornets: He went to Duke. He’s Doc Rivers’ son but not a real point guard. He kinda seems like a jerk, and I don’t think he’s gonna be that good. Yet I know I’ll still be flipping my League Pass over to the Hornets’ games each night to root against him and for Punch-Drunk Wolves favorites Eric Gordon and Ant Davis. Start watching at 0:44 for a million dollar crossover and a ten cent finish.

SG – Jeremy Lamb, Houston Rockets: Lamb might not be on the floor that much because he shares a position with Kevin Martin. But you’ll want to watch him play those precious few minutes because his performance will likely have a direct impact on the likelihood of Martin getting flipped to a team like Minnesota–especially if the Roy/Shved thing isn’t working. Oh yeah, and Lamb also runs and shoots kinda like Nick Young. That isn’t a compliment, but it’s worth a peek when there’s nothing else on the tube.

SF – Harrison Barnes, Golden State Warriors: Was pretty sure Barnes was better than MKG before the draft. Michael Jordan confirmed that for me on draft night. Here’s some cool vidz of him playing hoops.

PF – PERRY JONES III, Oklahoma City Thunder: Probably should’ve been on the first team in MKG’s place ‘cause no one’s gonna want to watch MKG after they see the Bobcats play a few times. (Sorry Byron and Kemba.) He looks like a young Shawn Kemp who thinks he can shoot. I don’t care if Jones III is terrible or great, but my eyes will be glued to the screen if he ever gets off the bench. Oddities like Jones III are why League Pass exists.

F/C – Jared Sullinger, Boston Celtics: Sullinger was a steal at #21 and I’ll be tuned in to almost all his games because the Celtics are my favorite team outside the Wolves. He’s a potential 16 & 9 guy in three years.

6th man – Damien Lillard, Portland Trailblazers: Will be watching to find out what the hell all the buzz is about.




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7 responses to “League Pass Alert, Vol. 2: Rookies You (Might) Want To Watch

  1. PJIII: Is his situation in OKC at all comparable to Crash Wallace joining the loaded, early 2000’s Kings? Crash was the 25th Pick in the 2001 Draft.

    • Crash was similarly RAW when he came into the League. It might depend on what’s between PJ3’s ears, and whether SCOTTY BROOKS can help develop PJ3 like Adelman presumably did Wallace. I don’t know the answer to either of those questions, but it does suggest another question: assuming Adelman played a role in Wallace’s development, why isn’t he doing better with Derrick Williams?

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