Which NBA Coach Will Be Fired First?

Is Monty Williams' head on the chopping block?

Is Monty Williams’ head on the chopping block?

Hi folks. I’m slammed at work today and don’t have  time to write an in-depth preview of tonight’s game at Denver, which will be televised on ESPN. Mea culpa.

Good previews can be found here and here. And a whimsical preview of sort–with lots of good music–is up on Canis Hoopus.

Firing Season

So something fun, easy, and different.

We’re coming up on December–the beginning of firing season for NBA coaches. The fact that capable replacements–George Karl, Stan Van Gundy, Jeff Van Gundy, Lionel Hollins, and even Phil Jackson–are currently twiddling their thumbs at home doesn’t help the current crop of underperformers.

Several coaches might have job security issues this firing season. Randy Wittman is the obvious candidate to lose his job first. But there are dark horses out there, such as Cleveland’s Mike Brown (and his stanky leg offense), Brooklyn’s Jason Kidd (Prok isn’t afraid to do, well, anything), and New Orleans’ Monty Williams (losing a lot of games, not getting much out of Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans).

So which coach do you think loses his job first? Weigh in below.

Enjoy the tilt.



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4 responses to “Which NBA Coach Will Be Fired First?

  1. I vote Wittman. If he’s adequately replaced, the Wizards might just experience the same boost as the Wolves did when McHale took Randy’s place on the bench.

    • I went with Kidd, just for fun. Brooklyn could be fun to watch implode, if Prok loses his patience. (Which he will–the only question is what he’ll do about it.)

  2. Eric in Madison

    Kidd was a terrible hire, but he’ll last the year at least. Someone will convince him to tighten the rotation. Monty Williams firing would be a travesty; I don’t know why people thought that was going to work, paying Holiday, Gordon, and Evans that much.

    It’s gotta be Wittman. Right?