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Which NBA Coach Will Be Fired First?

Is Monty Williams' head on the chopping block?

Is Monty Williams’ head on the chopping block?

Hi folks. I’m slammed at work today and don’t have  time to write an in-depth preview of tonight’s game at Denver, which will be televised on ESPN. Mea culpa.

Good previews can be found here and here. And a whimsical preview of sort–with lots of good music–is up on Canis Hoopus.

Firing Season

So something fun, easy, and different.

We’re coming up on December–the beginning of firing season for NBA coaches. The fact that capable replacements–George Karl, Stan Van Gundy, Jeff Van Gundy, Lionel Hollins, and even Phil Jackson–are currently twiddling their thumbs at home doesn’t help the current crop of underperformers.

Several coaches might have job security issues this firing season. Randy Wittman is the obvious candidate to lose his job first. But there are dark horses out there, such as Cleveland’s Mike Brown (and his stanky leg offense), Brooklyn’s Jason Kidd (Prok isn’t afraid to do, well, anything), and New Orleans’ Monty Williams (losing a lot of games, not getting much out of Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans).

So which coach do you think loses his job first? Weigh in below.

Enjoy the tilt.



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99 Problems (But a Witt Ain’t One)

Randy Wittman: Stil at the helm for the Wizards

Randy Wittman: Stil at the Helm

The Timberwolves are in The District tonight for a 7 PM tilt against the Wizards. Andy G is here. We’ll be courtside.

The Wolves have a bunch of problems right now, which came to a head Wednesday against the Nets. For those joining us in progress, let’s recap:

Unsurprisingly, the Wolves have been losing a lot, going just 2-9 since Kevin Love’s injury forced him out of the lineup.

A silver lining for the Wolves heading into tonight’s game in DC…

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Second Guessing

I think Randy Wittman is a bad NBA basketball coach. I know that Randy Wittman understands basketball better than I do.

Randy Wittman played four years of college basketball at Indiana University.  He played there for Bobby Knight, one of the greatest coaches in the history of sports.  In Wittman’s sophomore season, the Hoosiers won a national title.  In his senior season, Wittman was Big Ten Player of the Year on a team that won the conference.  After his highly successful collegiate career, Wittman went on to play ten seasons of NBA basketball.  Most of those seasons were with the Atlanta Hawks, coached by winner of more than 1200 games and the 1985-86 NBA Coach of the Year Award, Mike Fratello.  Shortly after his playing career ended, Wittman entered the coaching ranks himself.  He spent eight seasons as an NBA assistant coach, most of them under Flip Saunders with the Minnesota Timberwolves in the early seasons of Kevin Garnett’s career.  With that incredible basketball resume’, Witt finally landed his first head coaching job.  He was hired by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 1999 and spent two seasons on their bench before being fired.

I list these career accomplishments of Wittman not because I want to write his biography, but because when he later coached the Timberwolves I criticized his abilities and decisions countless times even though I am 100 percent sure that he understands basketball much better than I do.  Continue reading


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Flipped Off: Flip Saunders Fired as Wizards Coach

Flip Saunders and Jan Vesely (Photo by Toni L. Sandys, Washington Post)

The news: Flip Saunders has been fired by the Washington Wizards, ESPN reports.

The big news: RANDY WITTMAN! will be replacing Saunders as Wiz coach.

Saunders clearly wasn’t able to get through to Andray Blatche, Nick Young, Jordan Crawford, and the other assorted Wiz misfits. Who could?

I wrote about this after attending a Wiz game last Friday.  Bottom line is, they’re hopeless.

I can’t wait to see how they react to Wittman’s DISCIPLINARIAN schtick.

Only the Wiz. *Sigh.*


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