Summertime (And The Living’s Easy)

Sublime, Doing Time

This is the time of year when you appreciate basketball’s aesthetic pleasures.  You step back, take a deep breath, and revisit the finer things.

You know, the crossovers. The dunks. And the treys.

And I’d be remiss not to mention technicolor sneakers.

Most of all, you appreciate this:

Jason Williams has one gear and one gear only. He’s a fixie.

An entertaining one. I love seeing the old man still doing work at 37, on the NBA Legends Tour, in China.

Unreal. Methinks the WC will ball ’til he falls.

As much as Andy and I rave about Kyrie Irving’s handle–and it is truly something to behold–we can only hope Irving still has the shaman’s showman’s spirit Williams does when he’s White Chocolate’s age.



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5 responses to “Summertime (And The Living’s Easy)

  1. Congratulations.

    By posting that crossovers vid, you officially did the impossible and made me miss the early aughts NBA.


    • I’d almost forgotten how filthy Stevie Franchise’s was. God bless YouTube!

      • Not to turn this Kahnversation in an inappropriately serious direction, but… serious question:

        Watching those ridiculously cool, ridiculously inefficient cross-up moves has me wondering:

        Have the rule changes taken those out of the game?

        • Kyrie Lee Irving and Jamal Crawford make excellent use of it, but not as many players are doing it now as before. So yes, the crossover seems like a dying art. I suspect it’s either (1) because of rule changes, or (2) it was a cultural artifact of the late 1990s and the early to mid aughts.

          Not sure which.