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Summertime (And The Living’s Easy)

Sublime, Doing Time

This is the time of year when you appreciate basketball’s aesthetic pleasures.  You step back, take a deep breath, and revisit the finer things.

You know, the crossovers. The dunks. And the treys.

And I’d be remiss not to mention technicolor sneakers.

Most of all, you appreciate this:

Jason Williams has one gear and one gear only. He’s a fixie.

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Appreciating Rondo

For reasons that are at best irrational and at worst downright stupid, I don’t like Rajon Rondo.  He plays for a team I root against, he once trash-talked Chris Paul for not having any rings, and he is, by my estimation, an overrated player who probably didn’t belong on the All-NBA team.  I dislike Rondo.

But as much (sports) hate as I have for him, I can’t help but appreciate a move that Rondo frequently uses; one that I’ve always admired and even tried at times when my coach wasn’t in the gym.  Continue reading


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