INBOX: Whiteside Rumors

Hassan Whiteside

Andy G: There is some buzz that the Wolves are looking at and possibly pursuing an old draft-projection favorite of ours: the one and only HASSAN WHITESIDE!  According to Darren Wolfson’s recent post, it sounds like the Wolves haven’t foreclosed the possibility of bringing back Anthony Tolliver, but there may not be enough cap space to pull that off.  In the event of a VETERAN MINIMUM signing, Whiteside could be the guy.  I’ll need your thoughts on this one.

Patrick J: I first knew I loved and hated Hassan Upside when I read this on DX:

“The freakiest measurements of all belong to Hassan Whiteside. The soon-to-be 21-year-old freshman bafflingly elected to arrive for measurements in flip-flops (a true story), which only gave him an additional inch in shoes (6-10 ½ without shoes, 6-11 ½ with)—as opposed to Cole Aldrich who gained 2 ¼ inches. With that said, he possesses one of the longest wingspans in NBA pre-draft camp history at 7-7.”

Nothing screams enigmatic, “just-don’t-get-it,” dripping-in-talent like flip-flops and wingspan. It sounds like what I ate last time I stopped in at IHOP, but when combined with “one of the longest wingspans in NBA pre-draft history,” it also sounds like the kind of thing that gets David Kahn like whoa.

Andy G: Since we’re talking Timberwolves, enigmas, and 12th-man frontcourt options, we’re obligated to make some sort of Anthony Randolph comparison here.  I fear that many Wolves fans, beaten-down by Kountless Kahntracts Past, might have a kneejerk reaction that Whiteside is or would be better than AR15.  Not so.  In two seasons time, H.W. (if and when he signs with the Wolves, you can bet your ass we’ll be making this There Will Be Blood character his nickname) has only logged 111 minutes of playing time.  Kevin Love surpasses that in a week.  Randolph, by comparison, has played almost 3,000 minutes.  Randolph scores twice as much per-minute as H.W. and assists infinity times as much.  Because, you know, H.W. hasn’t yet registered an NBA assist. (!!!) But that length is worth something tangible when he starts batting shots away from the rim.  H.W. blocks 4.9 shots per 36 minutes; a rate that would certainly put him near or at the top of the league.  I haven’t seen him play enough (you know, because of the 111 minutes situation) to know whether or not he’s Javaleing all over the place seeking blocks, or whether those are more of the Eddie Griffin (R.I.P.), “positional expertise combined with long arms” variety.  All in all, I’m 5000 percent more certain of AR15 playing 8+ NBA seasons than H.W.  But we’re talking veteran minimum here, so there’s that too.

Aw shit, I’ll have enigma withdrawal with Beasley and Randolph both gone.  Bring on Whiteside!



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4 responses to “INBOX: Whiteside Rumors

  1. We should look at Jerome Jordan, see if Blatche meant what he said about wanting to play basketball anywhere before signing Whiteside… We’ve got time and I’d be surprised to see anything larger than a vet min or anybody signing soon.

    • Ben,
      I think Blatche might be taking the “enigma” fetish a little too far, even for me!
      Haven’t followed Jerome Jordan in recent years. He’s probably better than Whiteside.

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