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How the Wolves Whiffed on Whiteside

Hassan Whiteside

Hassan Whiteside

How Things Went Down

Here’s a little chronology for y’all. (Eds. Note: Warning: The following contains Wolvesian content that may not be suitable for perma-optimists.)

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INBOX: Whiteside Rumors

Hassan Whiteside

Andy G: There is some buzz that the Wolves are looking at and possibly pursuing an old draft-projection favorite of ours: the one and only HASSAN WHITESIDE!  According to Darren Wolfson’s recent post, it sounds like the Wolves haven’t foreclosed the possibility of bringing back Anthony Tolliver, but there may not be enough cap space to pull that off.  In the event of a VETERAN MINIMUM signing, Whiteside could be the guy.  I’ll need your thoughts on this one. Continue reading


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