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Waiting for 58

Wolves fans have grown accustomed to FUN-FILLED draft nights, where the home-town squad picks at least once in the lottery, again in the late 1st Round, a time or two in the second, and then makes a half-dozen trades (or “sales” as the case may be) just to keep us on our proverbial toes (which, these days, just means Twitter.)

So tonight was kind of boring.  Minnesota traded away the 18th Pick the other day for Chase “Air Bud” Budinger leaving only the 58th and third-to-last pick in the whole draft.  I and perhaps many others was hoping that Kahn would buy back in when guys like Perry Jones III, Will Barton and Quincy Miller fell past #25.  But alas, we held strong and waited for our rightful spot.  Continue reading


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Forecasting the Draft

Adam Silver will be in the house

The NBA Draft is tonight. What’s going to happen?

Andy G and I look into Punch-Drunk Wolves’ crystal ball (an old fishbowl with a goldfish floating belly up) and weigh in on the prospects. Let us know which ones we’re wrong on in the comments.

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Timberwolves Reportedly Close to Signing Brandon Roy

The Timberwolves are reportedly close to signing free agent guard Brandon Roy to a two-year contract. Roy has a special place in the hearts of Wolves fans. Bill Bayno reportedly drove the Wolves’ initial interest in Roy, with David Kahn finally co-signing.

A few reactions:

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INBOX: Would You Draft Perry Jones III?

Perry Jones III

Andy G: Chad Ford posted his Mock 8.0 today. Wolves take Fab Melo of Syracuse (!!!) at Number 18, immediately followed by the enigma from Baylor, Perry Jones III.

If you know anything about David Kahn, and if you know anything about Perry Jones III, you know that it would absolutely crush our POBO–perhaps to the point of tearful pouting–to have this type of LENGTH AND ATHLETICISM suffer the Adelman Family Veto.

What do you think? (more below the fold)

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Musings on the Draft

Jay Bilas had a nice piece (Insider) yesterday on NBA Draft prospects who have star potential. Bilas isn’t perfect, but (1) he has a good feel for the draft by virtue of actually having seen most players play multiple times, and (2) he sees the forest for the trees on this issue–the draft is all about identifying potential impact players – stars – which is correlated, but not synonymous, with college advanced stats.

It’s a deep draft, but beyond Anthony Davis it isn’t clear who will break out as the kind of player teams  later regret passing on.

Bilas sees five potential stars in the draft–maybe more.

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Game 1 Bullets

* The first half was the sort of Heat action that I kind of expected and feared, as somebody cheering for the Thunder.  LeBron initiated the offense, finding open shooters behind the 3-point line.  Miami led by 7 at the half, with Battier shooting 5-6 from the floor, including 3-4 from behind the arc.  Shane only took 3 shots in the 2nd Half, making 1 three-pointer.  Mario Chalmers, who had 10 points in the first half, took a single shot–a made layup–in the 2nd Half.  Whether Miami was forcing plays that ended in shots for LeBron and Wade, or Oklahoma’s defense dictated that result, the 2nd Half was an example of how Miami could get swept in this series.  If LeBron’s team isn’t taking 3-pointers, he had better score 50 to make up for it.  In this game, we saw the worst of the LeBron & Wade, oil-and-water mix of talents.  Wade had no idea when to shoot or defer and there was an awkwardness to their sets which left the role players one part baffled and another part scared.  One solution: play each of LeBron and Wade fewer minutes, with longer stretches of being The Man, out there.  LeBron played an unrealistically-high 46 minutes.  Wade played 42.  Rather than use Bosh as a 6th Man, put Wade there.  Or take Wade out after 6 minutes the way that Doc Rivers does with KG.  Miami needs to use James Jones as a floor-spreader.  He didn’t play in Game 1.  Continue reading

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The 3 Ways Miami Could Lose

There are so many previews out there by so many good writers and analysts, that I’ll keep this exceptionally brief lest you click out of the page at the first sign of *another* person’s thoughts and predictions about a series we’d just like to begin already.

Although I don’t know (or really have any gut feeling even) who will win the 2012 Finals, I think there are three discernible scenarios that could explain a Miami failure: Continue reading

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