Can Derrick Williams Win the Dunk Contest?

Williams dunks from far places

This blogger says no.

I decided to rank the dunkers, based on how well I expect them to do in the contest (that is, NOT on their in-game dunking ability). My list is below the fold.

  1. Shumpert
  2. Williams
  3. George
  4. Budinger (Does this mean I’m racist?)


Shumpert: Has the little guy advantage. Plays for the Knicks. Possible disadvantage: might lose points because he isn’t Jeremy Lin. (UPDATE: There’s speculation he’ll be using Lin as a prop. Change this to “Definite advantage.”)

Williams: Jumps from a long way away and dunks with power. Chip on shoulder. Might use real lion, or a fake lion head, as a prop. Disadvantage: This isn’t a contest for 6’10” players.

George: Can jump from a long way away. Disadvantages: Can’t dunk with power. Neither a rookie nor a guy with hype. Plays for the Pacers. Being 6’9” hurts.

Budinger: A white guy jumping high catches the eye. Disadvantages: Bud isn’t a great dunker. He’s also tall. This is a wasted spot.



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7 responses to “Can Derrick Williams Win the Dunk Contest?

  1. I think George might be taller than Williams. The report was that he grew up to 6’10” during the LOCKOUT. I think Williams is more like 6’8″.

    I’d vote for PG since he’s got the most length and overall athleticism of the bunch.

    Pretty lame group as a whole, but maybe Lin & Rubio can add some spice to the dunk ideas.

    • @Andy G: Why didn’t they put @JimmyWa in the Dunk Contest? You know he’d like to win it once before declaring himself too good to participate in it. And he’d actually be fun to watch. Unlike Shumpert. Who’s the odds-on favorite to win. Gah.

  2. I think it’s BUD time…someone has to root for the big white guy.

    I reckon he’ll use Kevin Love who will conveniently be wearing a Scola mask and trampoline his way to victory off K-Love’s head..’s gotta be!