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Offseason Jottings: Best Jerseys, DeJuan Blair, and the Timberwolves

The Original King

The Original King

It’s deep offseason. There isn’t much happening. So we jotted some notes on a few topics in typical INBOX fashion. Check it out below the fold.

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Five Questions!


Craig Kilborn’s decision to step away from hosting “The Late Late Show” remains the biggest tragedy in television history.  From his time spent as a SportsCenter anchor to hosting The Daily Show to his move to CBS where he followed David Letterman in the 12:30 slot, “Kilby” was the best there was in late-night TV.  He also happens to be a native Minnesotan (Hastings) and an athlete (scholarship basketball player at Montana State).  To bring this closer to the Punch-Drunk Wolves home, Kilborn once practiced with our own Minnesota Timberwolves.

With all of this in mind, one way to preserve his legacy is the occasional “Five Questions!” post, where we pose — you know — five questions.  Kilby used to do the same.

1.  Summer League in Vegas: Did we learn anything?

Maybe.  Certainly not very much.  The players to watch were Shabazz Muhammad and Gorgui Dieng.  Neither amazed.  Both showed flashes.  The situations they found themselves in — particularly so in Muhammad’s case — were just so unlike anything they’ll see during the regular season that it’s difficult to extrapolate.  I was pleasantly surprised by Dieng’s willingness to take jumpers.  His form looks good enough.

With Shabazz, the clear question is whether he can blend shooting with passing.  At different times in Vegas he did each, but rarely did the decision appear derived from instinct.  It always seemed premeditated.  That’s not a very good sign for his rookie year, but he should get better.  Plus, as a limited role player off the bench, he’d hardly be unique if he erred heavily on the side of “gunner.”  If he makes more than 40 percent of his shots, he’ll be fine.

2.  The Pekovic Contract: What the hell is taking so long?

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