The Michael Beasley File: Dispatches from Shanghai

Michael Beasley played this season with the Shanghai Sharks, which are owned by former NBA great Yao Ming.

Michael Beasley played this season with the Shanghai Sharks, which are owned by former NBA great Yao Ming. Delonte West (right) was also on the Sharks roster.

Vice Sports published an epic meditation today on former Timberwolf Michael Beasley’s season in China. Beasley, who played for Miami last season and spent (literally not much more than) a hot minute in Memphis before being waived and inking a deal with Yao Ming’s Shanghai Sharks, had an interesting season.

One of the best – and most “Super Cool” – parts of the article is about Beasley’s performance in the Chinese Basketball Association’s All-Star Game, in which Beasley scored a record-breaking 59 points.

Many have watched Beasley’s record-breaking scoring performance on YouTube, although it’s little-known that Beasley wasn’t even in the starting lineup for the game, and was in fact a late addition to the roster. He still managed to destroy the scoring record despite coming off the bench.

By this point in the season, Shanghai’s midseason fightback had been halted by a combination of injuries and teams increasingly daring the non-Beasley members of the Sharks’ roster to make shots, which they mostly couldn’t. Shanghai was out of the playoff picture. This left Beasley utterly in his element—balling out of control for a going-nowhere team.

By the All-Star Game, Beasley knew that he would be done with the current CBA season in less than 10 days. He could have simply played it safe—and protected his prospects for a possible midseason return to the NBA—by not risking injury in a meaningless game. Or he could have done the Beasley thing, which is what he did. He binged on three-pointers and dunks. Though he was initially told that he’d scored 61 points due to a scoreboard error—to be fair, he put a lot of stress on that scoreboard—Beasley’s final haul of 59 still obliterated Quincy Douby’s previous record of 44. To put into context just how much Beasley embraced the ethos of ‘fuck it, I’m gonna let it fly,’ the second highest scorer in the 2014 All-Star game, Andray Blatche, finished with 25 points. Beasley had 34 in the second half.

That sounds about right.

Here’s some footage of Beasley’s Big Night.

The whole article is here.


Michael Beasley has always been a favorite curiosity here at Punch-Drunk Wolves. We wrote this, after all. (Eds. Note: And this. And this. And this.)

Anyway, it will be interesting to see if Mike Beasley finds himself back in the NBA anytime soon. He’s still young enough. And he can still score.

Since we’re walking down memory lane, here’s one of Beasley’s “high points” (Eds. Note: in-game) with the Wolves.


Vive la Beas!



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  1. The “real” Michael Beasley showcased his talents this season in the Chinese Basketball Association. Any “hungry” NBA team would profit from his avaricious appetite for the game. He is indeed a scorer who thrives on confidence-building from coaches, team-mates and fans. This dude may be “eccentric”, but he can indeed make a positive difference. Hey dudes, give him a chance!!!