Waiting for Wiggins: Day 15 of 30


I’m laughing out loud, reading this story out of Toronto.

Link here.

Hat tip to William Bohl for tweeting that link, last night.

Before the dust has been able to settle on Woj’s bomb yesterday — the one reporting the details of the Love-for-Wiggins/Bennett trade, agreed to in principle — this writer out of Toronto has already jumped ahead to the day that Andrew Wiggins will apparently force his way out of Minnesota so that he can return home… to Toronto!

It’s the tone of it that is so great though. Just completely smug, taking shot after shot at Minneapolis as a city and the Timberwolves as an organization.

Again, from a Toronto Raptors fan. While the Wolves lost young Starbury and are about to trade away Kevin Love, the Raptors… well, the Raptors lost Vince Carter in his prime in the most overt, get-me-the-fuck-outta-here display by an NBA star in recent history. They lost young Tracy McGrady. They lost Chris Bosh. Perhaps it is precisely the psychological damage from that history that frames the writer’s reference for that nonsensical piece of trash.

In any event, give it a read if you’re in need of a good laugh.


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  1. DAG

    Wiggins to Toronoto is a romantic thought. Kind of like Joe Mauer playing for Minnesota. Hometowns tend to spoil players (make them soft) but Toronoto is free to dream on. Minnesota’s professional basketball team has a branding problem. Minneapolis is associated with professional basketball after the Lakers won many championships in that city. Pro basketball is basically a city game. When I attend the Rochester (MN) Quarterbacks Club weekly dinner meetings, the Timberwolves are seldom mentioned. Statewide, Minnesota isn’t about professional basketball. Everything at Rochester QBs is Gopher sports, Vikings and Twins. Now would be the time to change the name from Minnesota Timberwolves to the Minneapolis Wolves. Andy/Pat and PDW can keep their existing logo with the M forming the head of a wolf. The reverse letter T isn’t all that noticeable. It can stay. Miami Marlins make the change from Florida Marlins. Wolves should do the same. “Minnesota Timberwolves” promotes north wood tourism but not basketball.