Wheelman Presents: The Punch-Drunk Podcast, Vol. 2

In which we review the Wolves performance last week, assess their playoff chances, talk All-Star Weekend, and discuss Hoop Ideas for addressing the NBA age-minimum issue.


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6 responses to “Wheelman Presents: The Punch-Drunk Podcast, Vol. 2

  1. Jack

    Will these be available on iTunes?

  2. Chris F.

    All I can say is, about time you guys had a podcast. Both of you have always provided excellent b-ball analysis. I think it’s blogs like this which bring up fans’ basketball IQ. If I can give some constructive criticism, I would just say work on the audio. Andy’s voice sounded particularly tinny and I could hear various background sounds, and it makes listening a bit distracting. I really hope you guys keep up the podcasts, because as you go along and make improvements, I can see you having a ton to offer Wolves fans, particularly those who may not have the patience to read through all the articles. I doubt you’re getting paid for all this, but your work is appreciated. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the kind words and helpful criticism, Chris. We’re still working through the audio stuff (and the content/format, too) so your input is much appreciated.

    • Chris: Thanks for listening and for the feedback. Andy and I are still trying to straighten out the recording issues, but wanted to get some material out there whilst working out the technical kinks.

      We’re hoping to do some fun things with the pod – add music, maybe a semi-regular “host” who’ll dish the rock to me and Andy and add his two cents to the conversation, and bring on occasional guests, including (we hope) some folks who write for the many excellent Wolves blogs out there. (You know who you are!) It’ll be a process, but hopefully we’ll get the basic technical issues resolved soon and keep doing a pod about once a week.