Wheelman Presents: The Punch-Drunk Podcast (PDP), Vol. 1

In which we discuss Timberwolves injuries and their implications; the upcoming schedule; and longer term implications (TRADE DEADLINE). (!)

[Recorded 2/9/2014]


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3 responses to “Wheelman Presents: The Punch-Drunk Podcast (PDP), Vol. 1

  1. Not too bad of a first cut. Probably need some intro music and a little bit more structure.

    We might make this a Sunday thing, but not exactly sure yet.

    Welcoming any feedback from listeners as we’re both entirely new to this…

  2. Ditto what Andy said above.

    And by way a bleg, if anyone has experience with audio editing, etc, and wants to help out, send us an email at punchdrunkwolves [at] gmail.com. We’re in the process of sorting out how to put together podcasts and would welcome some help. (Eds. Note: Yes, there were moments yesterday when we were making, “How many Ph.D.s and J.D.s does it take to record a proper podcast?” jokes.)

    As for music, my original idea was to sample the first 1:30 of this song:

    But I don’t think we can for copyright reasons. Again, ideas are welcome.

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