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That is the number of points per game scored by J.J. Barea on drives to the basket.

It’s the most on the Timberwolves team and ranks just 40th out of all players in the entire league.

Second most on the Wolves? Ricky Rubio with 2.4, which ranks 64th.

The Wolves don’t score much off of dribble penetration.

For some perspective, Monta Ellis leads the league with 8.0 drive ppg. Tony Parker is second with 6.6.


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  1. DAG

    Rubio drives to the basket. The defensive center leaves his man and attempts to block the shot. The shot doesn’t go in but Love follows with a tip in. Next time down the court, Rubio fires one of his flat perimeter shots. Flat shots usually miss but the rebound isn’t soft and kicks back for an offensive rebound. On a team that hustles on the offensive end, shooting percentages aren’t the whole story. Play fast. Please, no excuses for back-to-back games. Salaries are huge and so should be the passion. Too much is made of Rubio’s poor shooting. Miss shots create rebounding opportunities. It’s a team game.