Who is teaching Ricky Rubio how to shoot?

Not Shawn Respert.

From hoopshype’s interview with Respert:

Which player did you work with the most in Minnesota? Maybe Ricky Rubio?

SR: I worked a little bit with Ricky Rubio but the main guys I worked with were the post players and the big forwards. It’s kind of ironic to do that considering I played the point and the shooting guard positions my whole life. But it was a comfortable transition for me because in my mind I always knew what I wanted my bigs to do. And that’s how I tried to train them and develop them.

In Case You Missed It (or are just too young to know) Respert was a RI-DIC-ULOUSLY good shooter at Michigan State.  His NBA career flopped and we now know that was largely due to his private battle with cancer.  If Shawn could do one thing, it was shoot a basketball and I’ve assumed throughout his short tenure on the Timberwolves staff that he was — you know — working as a shooting coach.

Not so, apparently.



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5 responses to “Who is teaching Ricky Rubio how to shoot?

  1. Dave A.

    My grandson and I watched Steve Nash do his pre-game set-shot shooting. These were all taken in front of the basketball and not bank shots. He took about ten shots from each spot beginning only about two feet from the rim. His last shots were from the three point line on top/middle. Clearly, his focus was to be straight and to arch the ball. He didn’t seem concerned if he missed and was straight with good arch on the ball. Flat shots are usually a sign of no confidence, being outside one’s range, and/or being tired. His shots were “one-count” meaning set shots (“two-count” shots being jumpers). Ricky can learn the one-count shot. It doesn’t take much strength and the ball leaves the hand quickly. Defenders don’t play him tight (doesn’t need the jumper). Ricky sees himself to be a passer/penetrator. Adding one more option to the process is what separates the greats from the good. Can Ricky become the complete passer, driver and shooter? Like J. Kidd, it will come but after his prime. Then the penetrator will become a shooter.

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