Punch-Drunk Wolves, Anthony Bennett, and the Washington Post — now with Kyrie Irving ADDENDUM

The photoshop gone viral

The photoshop gone viral

Quite a last 24 hours for Punch-Drunk Wolves. Andy G is in Chicago. I’m leaving today for Manila. And Anthony Bennett.

Allow me to humblebrag for a moment.

As I was getting home from work yesterday, I got an email from Jon Wallace, who guest-blogged a story recently on the Wizards’ draft strategy.

Jon wrote to me and Andy G:

Did you guys see the picture on Anthony Bennett’s instagram? http://instagram.com/p/ae2FzoqVWY/

Later, at 8:21 Eastern , Jon wrote back again, saying:

Also mentioned in this WaPo article, as the lede

At which time, I figured he was playing an unfunny joke and sending a spam porno link.

Not cool. I clicked through anyway.

And found this lede:

Following a dinner Wednesday night with members of the Washington Wizards organization, Anthony Bennett made his way back to a downtown hotel. After taking a few steps up the building stairs, the forward out of UNLV heard someone call his name.

UNLV forward Anthony Bennett sold his versatile ability during a two-day visit with the Wizards (Getty Images).

A shocked Bennett glanced over to see a fan clutching about five photos for him to sign, the last of which was a photoshopped image of Bennett and Georgetown swingman Otto Porter Jr. in front of the U.S. Capitol building.

“It was real cool; I had to take one,” a smiling Bennett recalled Thursday following his interview with the Wizards at Verizon Center. “I signed one and said. ‘Yo, let me get the other one.’ ”

We’ve made little secret of the fact that here at PDW, we’re big Anthony Bennett fans. We’re also big WaPo fans. I read it daily and get the Sunday paper delivered each week. This was a big moment.

Bennett also confirmed that he dug the pic on his Twitter account:

Cool pic of myself & @o_porter22 a fan gave me outside the hotel 👌🔥 http://t.co/siwfXDDU4h

— Anthony Bennett (@AnthonyBennett) June 13, 2013

So we retweeted Bennett and followed with this:

Glad Anthony Bennett liked the photoshop work http://t.co/nZQoRNxdDJ

— Punch-Drunk Wolves (@PDWolves) June 14, 2013

So, Anthony Bennett dug our photoshop. And so it made the WaPo. Slow news day or great photoshop? I leave that to you.

But this just goes to show, the Internet is a small, small world.


PDW Fave Kyrie Irving chimed in:




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