Wolves Ownership Speculation

From Darren Wolfson on Twitter:

Wolfson has more to say on his conversation with Glen Taylor here.

The Wolves ownership situation is important for a few reasons.  It was reported on Friday that David Kahn will be let go as President of Basketball Operations.  But then the team, Kahn himself, and the reported successor, Flip Saunders, all denied that a final decision had been made.  It seems likely that this reported development on the ownership front will have implications for Kahn.

Also, Rick Adelman.  He hasn’t announced whether he is coming back for another season as head coach.  These types of delays are not new to Taylor’s Timberwolves and they have preceded some of the team’s less impressive summers. In 2009, there was considerable delay before Kahn’s hire — and McHale’s ultimate termination as coach — and the team was totally unprepared for the draft.  In 2011, the team drafted without a coach in place.  (Adelman wasn’t hired until September, during the lockout.)  Would Rick and his familial team of scouts have scored higher than Derrick Williams, a player that Adelman has always seemed to hold some aversion toward?  I guess we’ll never know, but it seems that not having The Adelmans around was worse for team decisions than having them.

Finally, there is the situation in Sacramento where the Maloof Brothers are trying to sell the Kings to a Seattle-based group that makes no bones about its intention to move the team to the Pacific Northwest, where arena funding is secured.  The owners relocation committee voted unanimously to block the proposed sale and keep the Kings where they are.  All that means is that the Seattle group will look elsewhere.  Taylor actually addressed this possibility as it related to the Wolves potential sale:

That is comforting, I guess.  There are legit criticisms of how Taylor has run his NBA franchise, but his commitment to keeping the team in the Twin Cities is pretty awesome for those of us that enjoy attending games.

But still, “We’ll never guess who it is?”



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6 responses to “Wolves Ownership Speculation

  1. Brett A

    With a line like “you’ll never guess,” who could possibly resist guessing?

    Ummmmm….Bob Voulgaris? James Goldstein? Ehhh, I don’t suppose NBA superfans are crazy enough ideas.
    Cargill’s Whitney MacMillan probably isn’t either.
    I’m not good at this outside-the-box thing.

    • No harm in wild speculation — but I really don’t even know where to begin. Somebody on Twitter suggested Kevin Garnett.

  2. Dave A.

    As for moving, nothing would surprise me. Over the last five losing seasons, Wolves dropped the price on my season tickets. My seats dropped from $20 to $15 and then only $10. But for next season, Wolves jumped my seats to $29 per seat. Probably hard to go from giveaway prices to what’s needed. I’ve decided to watch games on television. Moving to Seattle would assure top ticket prices. “Use it or lose it applies.” Too much losing here to retain a good fan base.