Wolves vs. Lakers: The Long and Short of It

Can the Wolves break the streak?

Can the Wolves break the streak?

The Lakers have won 21 straight over the Timberwolves heading into tonight’s tilt at the Target Center. With the Lakers vying for a playoff spot and the Wolves coming off a dominant win against Detroit, could tonight be the night when the hex ends? That’s why I’ll be watching.

Stay healthy, my friends.



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8 responses to “Wolves vs. Lakers: The Long and Short of It

  1. Brett A

    Dallas surging, Utah resuscitated, Lakers getting injured again…
    It’s time to do our part and BEAT LA!

    If I’m not mistaken, it would also mark Ricky’s first back-to-back victories of the season. Feels like the right time for some ACL catharsis.

    • Amen, brother. I like where your head’s at. BEAT LA!

      (I think we’re all silently chanting BEAT LA! right now in our offices or cubicles or wherever we are. I know I am.)

      • It says something that I’d rather see Dirk’s beard fill the 8 seed than this senior tour version of the Lakers. (Since I usually side with Kobe, come playoff time.) A win tonight would be satisfying indeed; rare to get such a meaningful game during Tanking Season. I suspect the Wolves juices will be flowing tonight.

        • @Andy G: I don’t think we’ve ever discussed this, but I’m curious: Which LAL team do you DISLIKE more, the current group, or the Kobe/Shaq/Mailman/Glove group, and why?

          • I strongly disliked that earlier group because it was the peak of the Kobe-Shaq drama (which was incredibly unlikeable on many levels–for each guy) and they stacked the deck much like Miami did in 2010.

            I don’t actively dislike this Lakers team — I’m just bored by them. Nash and Kobe are shells of their old selves (even if Kobe still finds a way to score a ton.) Dwight has a bad back and isn’t used enough on offense. It’s just a mediocre team that gets more attention than it deserves.

            But I disliked the earlier group more. I didn’t start cheering for Laker teams in the playoffs until Shaq left. I was a fan of Kobe — not the team and certainly not team with Shaq.

            • Concur. As questionable a fit as Nash and Howard have been in LA, Payton and Malone was even worse. Mixed in with the Shaq-Kobe drama, it was terrible times in LaLa. If you’d have told me in 2007 that you could have a team with Kobe, Nash, Artest, Howard, and Gasol, and that that team would be coached by Mike D’Antoni, but that said team wouldn’t be particularly fun to watch, I wouldn’t have believed you (or thought it possible). But I’d have been wrong. Weird world. Keeps the NBA interesting.

      • Brett A