Wolves at Cavs: A Kyrie Irving Primer

Tonight the Wolves are in Cleveland to take on Kyrie Lee Irving and his Cleveland Cavaliers (6PM CST, FSN, 830-AM). Hands down, Kyrie Irving has the best handle, and possibly the coolest offensive repertoire in the NBA. That’s the need-to-know. Rinse, repeat, enjoy.

Now, watch this and tell me Kyrie’s game wasn’t honed practicing moves from the best basketball movie of the 1990s.

More preview stuff available over at the Strib and Canis Hoopus.



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2 responses to “Wolves at Cavs: A Kyrie Irving Primer

  1. Is it just me or is Irving a shoot first version of Chris Paul with maybe slightly less passing ability? Sure he’s a little more flashy than Paul, but they are both great shooters that use different gears/change of pace to their advantage like few in the league do. If anything Irving may be a better shooter than Paul. It’ll be interesting to see how Rubio fares against the match-up.

  2. Jon–
    Second-season comparison of Paul & Irving here: (http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pcm_finder.cgi?request=1&sum=0&p1=irvinky01&y1=2013&p2=paulch01&y2=2007)

    Irving is quite a bit more dynamic as a scorer, and significantly worse as an assistor (especially relative to turnovers).

    Aesthetically, I prefer Irving 8 days a week. He does all the flashy stuff — and does it effectively — without resorting to stupid foul gimmicks that largely define Chris Paul’s game. But I don’t know if Irving will ever become the all around floor leader that Paul is. It remains to be seen. He’s got a long ways to go defensively, too, where Paul is and always has been very good (even if slightly overrated).