INBOX: In Which We Make Silly Predictions

Eds. Note: After a couple tough home losses this week, we decided to change things up a bit. The game is, each of us singled out a few players who’ll be rockin’ it in tonight’s tilt. We then assigned the guys we selected to the other guy, who then offered some Kahnjecture about how those players will fare tonight. Whoever’s closest to the mark (however defined) wins. It’s sort of like no-stakes gambling, unless, of course, you consider things like trash talk in future posts or pride as currency. We consider trash talk in future posts and pride as currency. Let the games begin.

Patrick J: Your first assignment is MASTER P ANTHONY DAVIS. What kind of NUMB#RS should we expect from Davis’s eyebrow tonight? Can the Wolves’ stop it, and if so, how? Does Adelman have Pek go mano e brow-oh with Davis, or are Wolves fans in for the kick-in-the-crotch consolation prize: a reminder of how much worse Derrick Williams is than another one of his contemporaries (i.e., a recent high lotto pick)?

Andy G: Well, for starters, Brow ain’t gonna match up with Pek. At least not on D. (Monty Williams must know that’d be bad fo his health.)  Davis will be checking Derrick & Dante; he’ll probably own both matchups.  Brow’s NUMB#RS? Here goes: 16 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, and — *imagines D-Thrill trying to finish on Brow at the rim* — 5 blocks!  I’ll call it 7-13 FG’s and 2-2 from the charity stripe.  Subjective WIN in his power forward matchup.

Your turn. What does Eric Gordon do tonight in his SHOOTING GUARD MATCHUP WITH LUKE RIDNOUR?  (Sorry, damn caps lock gets stuck sometimes.)

Patrick J: First, let me say I’ll take the under on 5 blocks for Davis – there’s no way D-Thrill goes strong enough for that many blocks to even be possible. Still, I like where your head’s at on that.

On to Gordon: EG had his way with us on January 11 in NOLA, just hours after Punch-Drunk Wolves had some fun at his expense in our game preview. Can Luke guard him any better now than he did then? (RHETORICAL!) Gordon goes for 24 points, grabs 4 boards, drops 5 dimes, gets 2 steals, and shoots double-figure free throws.

It’s your turn. While we’re on undersized combo guards, I’ll put another on the table: Your Boy Barea. Does Good J.J. come out to play?

Andy G: Dude, if I could predict when and where Good or Bad J.J. would appear, I wouldn’t be blogging about the Wolves, I’d be coaching them.  This is The (One) Million Dollar Question (Eds Note: *puts pinky to mouth*) of the 2012-13 Minnesota Timberwolves, and it’s one that nobody has been able to answer.

But I’ll give ‘er a shot anyway: Good J.J. shows up tonight. Why? It’s the tail end of a back to back and I’ll just guess that an inexperienced (read: undisciplined) team like the Hornets will come out a tad sluggish and won’t be mentally prepared for J.J.’s balls out kamikaze dives to the paint and wild shot selection. (Eds. Note: Double props if the camera crew catches Austin Rivers on the visitor’s bench, salivating, after playing witness to a Barea Binge.) 

LAST ROUND: Over/unders: Gelabale, 15 minutes; Johnson 25 minutes? Oh, and who wins the game?

Patrick J: Gelabale – under; Johnson – under (#fml).

Who gets the W? My money’s on Minny – I mean, how can you NOT like our chances if Good J.J. comes to play?


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  1. Dave A.

    Ricky Rubio is coming on again, getting stronger. Could see that again tonight against NOLA. More arch on his flat shots will come with greater leg strength. Rubio is the second coming of Boston Celtic great, Bob Cousey. Cousey was both fancy and effective. I don’t recall that he had a jump shot or did any perimeter scoring, but he had an effective “runner”, like a long lay up. Ricky, like Bob, is always on the move. In other words, Rubio will be terrific even without a great shot. Rubio’s defense is great – not sure about the Celtic playmaker.