PETITION: Bill Bayno for Interim Coach

Updates on the Rick Adelman/Timberwolves coaching situation from the beat:



Punch-Drunk Wolves hereby petitions for Bill Bayno to serve as interim head coach until Rick Adelman returns.



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6 responses to “PETITION: Bill Bayno for Interim Coach

  1. I co-sign, just for the record. Terry Porter is not the right coach for this group, especially not right now.

  2. Nathan Anderson

    If Porter is “passed over”, can we expect another “what’s up with all the white guys?” column from Mr. Zgoda?

    • Great question. I’d never thought of race, but I’ve (we’ve?) always thought of Bayno and Sikma as the premier assistants among this group. Andy and I viewed TP at the helm as a worst-case scenario before Adelman signed on as head coach. Beyond seniority – if there are other criteria being considered – I’d like to know more about the choice of Porter over Bayno or Sikma.

      • Nathan Anderson

        yeah. I’d love to see Bayno or Sikma (although from what I’ve read, I think Bayno would get too stressed out). With the old Wolves I always wondered why Randy Wittman and not Jerry Sichting (spelling — too lazy to look up) got to fill in for Flip. I think Sichting filled in once and got the W and I was like, let the dude coach.

        How can Randy Wittman get multiple chances to be a head coach and other assistants (like Elston Turner) get no chances? That’s a not a real question, of course, as I believe I know the answer.

  3. Dave A.

    Criteria for the job right now is who has enough class to have this interim situation on their resume? Porter has character and class. The saying, “No good deed goes unpunished” is expected. The careers of Bayno and Sikma will be better served by staying put. Wolves have too few quality players right now.