Timberwolves vs. Hornets: The Stop Snitchin’ Edition

Is the reason Eric Gordon's always hurt because snitches get stitches?

Is the reason Eric Gordon’s always hurt because snitches get stitches?


Alright folks, the Wolves come off a crushing defeat at Oklahoma City to play a much easier opponent in tonight’s tilt against the Hornets in Nola.

The story here? Here’s one: Eric Gordon is finally back and playing in NBA games. Gordon was one of my and Andy G’s favorite players coming up through college and into his early Clippers run. He’s a body hunter extraordinaire, with a cool demeanor and a hot hand. But then he stopped playing basketball last season after getting traded. And then after that, he signed a huge Kahntract with the team he hadn’t played for at all. And, to top it off, he next proceeded to not play basketball this year until a few weeks ago.

On top of that, Gordon also gossips about teammates, all but snitching on his own mates. I’m sure that really endeared him to this Clippers team as a rook…(!!)


So if you’re Nola, you’re sitting with Anthony Davis and a highly-paid, always injured, snitch. Just what you want as The Other Cornerstone Of Your Rebuilding Project.

Hey, if you’re a Hornets fan, at least you’ve still got Greivis Vasquez (half serious).

In the meantime, let’s hope the Wolves don’t blow an opportunity to pick up a W tonight, as two of their next three are San Antonio and LAC on the road, with Dallas and possible trade target Dirk Nowitski sandwiched in between.

Enjoy the tilt.




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