Happy New Year From Punch-Drunk Wolves

[Co-Authored by Andy & Patrick]

What a difference a year makes.  Last December 31 the Timberwolves were 0-3 and, despite some hugely entertaining early losses to Oklahoma and Miami, not yet familiar with winning basketball since Kevin Garnett’s departure. Now, after Ricky Mania brought a winning attitude to an organization sorely in need of competitive fire, and Rick Adelman and David Kahn brought some proven veterans to a young roster, we find ourselves 1 game over .500 and in the hunt for a playoff spot.

Here at Punch-Drunk Wolves, we’ve also come a long way in the last year. We basically started the blog on Opening Day (Christmas) last year.  Thanks in large part to shout-outs from Those Who Came Before Us – Canis Hoopus, Britt Robson, and Jim Petersen, among others –  we’ve built a modest but faithful readership, and for that, we’re thankful.

Wolves fans are blessed to have a bunch of really great writers covering the squad, and from a bunch of different, interesting angles. Along with Britt and the Canis crew (Stop-N-Pop, Oceanary, and now Eric in Madison in particular), you’ve got A Wolf Among Wolves, Howlin’ TWolf, TWolves Blog, Timberpups.com, the list goes on. (Pretty much just check our blog roll – it’s all there, but apologies if we missed anybody.)

With all the great Wolves coverage out there, that folks stop by here at all is much appreciated.

We’re always looking for ways to make the site better. If you have any suggestions, hit us up at punchdrunkwolves@gmail.com.  Or on Twitter (@PDWolves).  Input is [almost] always appreciated. All that jazz.

Here’s to a great – and equally important, HEALTHY – 2013.

So, with all that said, Happy New Year, and Go Wolves.

Now get off the Internetz, go on with your bad selves, and party like it’s 2004-05.

-Andy G & Patrick J



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2 responses to “Happy New Year From Punch-Drunk Wolves

  1. Dave A.

    A little history behind the Punch-Drunk Wolves logo.
    A few years ago I heard that the Timberwolves wanted to redesign their original logo. Therefore, I wrote a letter to team owner Glen Taylor asking if that was true and that I would be interested to do the design. He replied that it was true and that the league office was doing the redesign. Wolves wanted something that would have great appeal to young people. I appreciated his reply and do like the current logo. Just for fun, I moved forward anyway using my design education gained at Indiana University in the graphic design MFA program. That challenge was to make a simple image (more corporate than cartoon-like) by incorporating the letters M and T for Minnesota Timberwolves into the head of a wolf or basketball. I went with the M and the reverse Letter T and tried to suggest the face of a wolf within the letter forms. The trademark had been hidden in my portfolio for a few years until I learned about Punch-Drunk Wolves – which has terrific content. I offered it to the Andy and Patrick and I’m happy that they put it too good use. Keep up your good work in 2013. Wolves basketball is the best show in Minnesota.

    • @Dave A: Andy and I couldn’t hope for a better graphic designer (or opinionated commenter!) for the site – many thanks for your generosity.