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Is that Josh Howard or Marlo Stanfield? I can’t tell either! (Good thing.)

The Wolves have a new player. And it just feels right. It’s like we were destined to get him as part of a Ndudi Ebi exorcism after Brandon Roy’s five-game trial failed to redeem Roy-Foye. On Josh Howard’s future with the Wolves, go check out Oceanary’s post at Canis Hoopus.

In other news…

JR Smith credits his resurgence to reducing his Patron-guzzling. Ya think??

A (smart) contrarian thinks Andrei Kirilenko is the 2nd best player in the West so far. Has he seen the Wolves this season?

Kyrie Irving is super-good. And ridiculously entertaining. And has great court sense. I’ve pretty much never seen such a great point guard prospect since Isiah Thomas, and I don’t feel like hyperbole is a major reputational risk on that one. Even with the glut of great points in the League right now, you still have to like Irving so much so that you’d link a Bleacher Report post that’s about how great he is, just to do your part in getting the word out.

What are your favorite stories this morning?



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