Preseason Game 1: Wolves vs. Pacers, Fargo-Style

Pek will happily run any Pacer through ye olde wood chipper!

It’s on. It’s what you’ve all been waiting for. Twolves. Pacers. 7:00 tonight. Fargo.

Fargo, baby, Fargo!

Pek and his wood chipper. K-Love and Danny Granger getting chippy. Paul George’s defense.

No TV or radio, so you’ll have to keep ‘specially close tabs on Mark Remme & the carrier pigeons Andy G and I deployed to the Fargodome to bring you the latest news and analysis.



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2 responses to “Preseason Game 1: Wolves vs. Pacers, Fargo-Style

  1. Dave A.

    Playing in Fargo? Maybe Gaer Grimsrud and Jerry Lundegaard will be there. Out on good behavior? Pacers are tough/very physical team. Wolves won’t get easy layups against them. Not soft like Punch-Drunk Wolves of recent seasons. We’ll see if this Wolves team can defend the paint. Hard fouls are an important part of basketball. Coach recalls all the easy back-cuts his Rockets had at Target Center when he was with Houston.

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