Training Camp Murmurs, Take 1: Shved, Williams, Love, Roy, Budinger

There isn’t a high volume of meaty information coming from Timberwolves training camp. But there are interesting tidbits here and there.

One such tidbit involves Alexey Shved. Shved is a talent, but coming into camp there were question marks about his frame and his lack of experience, despite the skills and composure he put on display at the Olympics.

But Shved has kept on truckin’ during the first two days of camp.

Joan Niesen has the choice firsthand info on Shved:

“Yes, Shved is thin, but he’s also taller than Adelman expected, and he’s not getting manhandled on the court. He looked good in 5-on-5 on Tuesday, playing smoothly and quickly,” Niesen reports.

Wolves coach Rick Adelman concurs.

“I just don’t see him getting pushed around,” Adelman said. “I said before, the thing that will be the biggest adjustment is at the defensive end. He’s just going to have guys coming at him all the time, and that’s where he’s going to make his adjustment. He’s going to get better offensively because he has skills.”

So does teammate and fellow Russian Andrei Kirilenko.

“He’s a young, talented guy who can really run and bring you a lot of energy on the floor,” Kirilenko said. “He’s not afraid to take a shot in the crunch moment, which is needed on every team in the NBA. He’s young, with the potential to keep growing.”

Other training camp tidbits that got my attention are below the fold.

  • Derrick Williams looks to have a new and improved body and ‘tude. He stood out, and it wasn’t lost on the coaching staff, who’ve been reluctant to praise him in the past. It’s wait and see for now, but a Williams break-out season would be huge.
  • Kevin Love came in out of shape and looks to have gained weight. Love will be good regardless so this isn’t really a red flag, but he was noticeably better last season when he came in lighter and in better condition than he had in previous years.
  • Brandon Roy has been good so far, but the coaching staff is handling him with kid gloves. Roy probably won’t do back-to-backs during the pre-season.
  • Chase Budinger is on the shelf with an injury. This opens the door for Williams’ star to shine a bit brighter, even if he isn’t really a true SF like Budinger.
  • Brad Miller has been attending practice. It must be hunting season in Minnesota.

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