LOOKING BACK: Randy Breuer

Randy Breuer

(Eds. Note–Andy G’s colleague knew that he’s a diehard Wolves fan and gave him a retro pack of Wolves basketball cards from 1990. What better time than NFL training camp to look back at some familiar faces?)

Basic Bio: Born in 1960, Lake City, Minnesota. Played at University of Minnesota before 11 NBA seasons.

Wolves Career: Played three seasons from 1989-92.  Averaged double-figures on inaugural, Musselman-led Wolves team that most would say overachieved by winning 22 games.

Hoops Highlight: Breuer is a high school legend in Minnesota, where he led his Lake City Tigers to consecutive state championships.  He still holds the state tournament scoring record with a whopping 38 points per game.

Random: Breuer used to, and probably still does, host a golf tournament in Zumbro Falls; a fundraiser for the local fire department.  I played in it one year, as it’s near my old hometown.  He’s tall.  (Listed at 7’3″ and looks every bit of it in person.)

If you’ve got any Randy Breuer stories, share in the comments.



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2 responses to “LOOKING BACK: Randy Breuer

  1. BobP

    Randy Breuer used to come through the drive thru in Eden Prairie at the Arby’s I used to work at when he was on the Timberwolves. After practice he would have 4 or 5 sandwiches. And he was seriously really tall. He never did come in though, only the drive thru.

    • Bob,
      Thanks for sharing, and I suppose a 7’3″ man needs 1 or 2 (or 3 or 4, but who’s counting?) additional Arby’s sandwiches to fill up. Trying to imagine Breuer driving a car, I’m seeing something like “Hightower” in the Police Academy movies who ripped out the front seat and drove from the back.