Scouting Alexey Shved: The Good and the Bad

Alexey Shved

A few interesting morsels from an excellent piece on Shved.

The good:

“Shved is a handful in pick-n-roll, where he can hit pull-ups going both ways, get all the way to rim or drop sweet dishes to his teammates. Simply a great pick-n-roll player.”

“A terrific passer with impeccable timing and accuracy. Not quite as masterful as his new teammate, Ricky Rubio, but he’s close.”

“Adept at hitting floaters or runners.”


Wow. Sounds like the real deal.

The bad:

“Has an element of carelessness to his game. His sometimes casual approach reminds you of Vince Carter–it seems like he’s playing pickup basketball. It appears sometimes he’s not too concerned with his mistakes.”

Whoa. Whoa. WHOA! Did he really say Vince Carter?! I’m confused.

It’s worth reading in full.

Go check it out at The Painted Area.



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