Twitter Loves CP3

I guess I’ll just give up.

I’d rather play with LeBron.  He wins more, plays better defense, dribbles less, and until very recently didn’t flop so much.

I doubt it.  He’s never played in a conference finals.



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3 responses to “Twitter Loves CP3

  1. I’ve long had a theory about why Paul constantly gets slurped, not just on Twitter but all around the league and in the media. I call it The Fonzie Theory, and it has to do with being cool. CP3 is cool–he may be the coolest cat in the league. He’s like Fonzie. His peers slurp him on Twitter more than anyone else in the league, by my best unscientific estimate, because he’s the most popular dude with the sickest handles in the game. Does that mean he isn’t the best point guard in the league? I don’t think so. But is the CP3 love disproportionate to other players in his peer group? Yes, I think so. It reminds me of how much love Isaiah Thomas used to get as a Piston. Zeke was a great player, but his charm and cool elevated his status to a much higher level than his comparable peers. Twitter just makes this dynamic more visible and ubiquitous.

    • I think you’ve hit a big part of it. CP is a cool, good-looking, Jordan-sponsored superstar who dominates crunchtime and doesn’t do stupid things that we know about off the court.

      I’m more annoyed by the overtones that come with a lot of the CP3 praise. “If you’re smart, you’ll cheer for Chris Paul.”

      I fully understand the ways that Paul dominates games and they aren’t as complex as some want to think they are. He’s the best dribbler in the NBA, perhaps along with Rondo, and he dribbles a ton. He knows how to invite contact to either flop, or separate himself for a good look for himself or a teammate. He’s benefited by the hand-check restrictions and wouldn’t be quite as dominant if he had Derek Harper’s forearm on his back all night. His jumpshot has improved greatly over time and is a huge weapon for him now. He isn’t the explosive penetrator that Rose or Westbrook is, and he isn’t as crafty a scorer as Tony Parker is. He isn’t the three shooter that Nash is. But he is a great pull up shooter and like I said, knows how to dribble and contort his body in ways that either draw fouls or scare his defenders into avoiding another foul.

      He’s a great player. I get it. If you like Chris Paul, that doesn’t make you smart. It just makes you a Chris Paul fan.

      • +1

        Paul needs to win a few playoff series to be taken as seriously as he currently is. When it looked like MEM might beat the Clips, I thought this was going to be a real knock on his reputation. But who knows maybe they’ll get out of the first round and upset the Spurs. I know I’m looking forward to Paul – Parker.