Must Win

Following the announcement that Ricky Rubio tore his ACL, the Wolves went out and lost a home game to the New Orleans Hornets.  Shortly after that, I wrote them off as a potential playoff team.  They’re 3-6 since the injury as Western Conference competitors have surged over .500.  As of now, the Wolves are 3 games out of a tie for the 8-Seed.  But looking at the upcoming schedule, I realized something: If the Wolves win tonight’s game, they might just climb back into the playoff picture.

If the Wolves can prevail over the always-tough Memphis Grizzlies, they’ll be one game under .500.  With Charlotte on deck the following night, they’d be all but a lock to become 26-26.  Once back up to .500, there’s a six-game stretch of the following games:

  • Boston
  • @ Portland
  • @Sacramento
  • Golden State
  • @ New Orleans
  • Phoenix

Am I crazy for thinking the Wolves could win 5 of those 6 games?  The toughest opponents (Boston and Phoenix) are home games, and neither team is actually very good.  Portland, Golden State and New Orleans are tanking which should all but GUARANTEE victory.  If the Wolves could win tonight’s game (and inevitably beat the Bobcats tomorrow night) they’d be staring down this six-pack of winnable games that could inject them right back into the real playoffs conversation. To reach 4 games over .500 (winning tonight and tomorrow, and then 5 of 6 of the listed games) would probably put the Wolves in at least a tie for the 8-Seed.

Need this one tonight.


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  1. BobP

    Agreed, I’ve been looking at the schedule and think we have a shot. It is frustrating seeing all the teams ahead of us just keep winning. Can someone PLEASE beat Houston for us.