Michael Beasley: Still a Wolf

Jerry Zgoda got some rich material for today’s story on the Michael Beasley non-trade. What follows are a few of the most choice quotes. But you should read the article in full.

“We all know my contract is expiring. I might need a new contract (maybe…), can’t play for free. That’s not up to me.”*

–Mike Beasley

“Michael is in more control of his future than even Michael recognizes,” Kahn said. “These next six weeks are very important to him. Michael’s made tremendous strides this year and I don’t think leaguewide people recognize that: He has been much more engaged in practices, much better on the bench, his commitment, everything. He’s been incident-free.”

“I think it’s very important these next six weeks that he continue that path and demonstrate to the league that maybe some of the things people have said about him frankly have been eradicated because I think in large part they have.”

–David Kahn
“I try to stay out of the world.” (Best quote of the whole article??)*
–Mike Beasley


I’m content with the Wolves’ inactivity at the deadline. Acquiring Jamal Crawford could have created as many problems as it would have solved.

*Emphasis mine


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  1. Can “Michael” learn how to combine his carefree and prolific jumpshooting with defensive focus?

    This season, it has often been one or the other. In games where he was locked in defensively (Oklahoma City, Miami, Dallas…) his jumper failed him. In recent games where he’s lit it up off the bench, he looks relaxed on D. It’ll be interesting to see how Beas plays out the rest of the season, with trade talks out of the picture. If the Wolves are going to make the playoffs, he’ll probably have to be a factor. The Wes & Martell minutes are not good enough to get us there.