An Adelman Hook: What went wrong for Beasley in the 2nd Half

The following is a bulleted outline, breaking down Beasley’s second-half meltdown last night that led to a quick yank and less than four minutes of playing time for the entire half.  My initial reaction was that Adelman pulled the hook too early, and let Beasley get cold on the bench for way too long to start the half.

  • 78-71 Wolves: 1:27 to go in 3rd Quarter, Beasley checks into game for first time in the period.
  • Nets
    • Farmar hits jumpshot
      • Beasley is guarding Keith Bogans, isn’t involved in this play.
  • Wolves
    • Beasley catches pass, passes back.  It’s returned to him in a bad spot in the corner, he’s doubled, ball is knocked out of bounds by defense.
    • Ridnour turns ball over when he jumps to pass and pass isn’t there.
  • Nets
    • Beasley guarding Bogans on wing, Farmar drives Beasley shades to middle.  Farmar kicks out to Bogans who shoots three.  Beasley leaps toward Bogans on close-out, Bogans misses shot, Wolves rebound.
  • Wolves
    • Beasley is in corner.  Barea drives, forces shot.  Misses shot, Love rebounds and converts shot.
  • Nets
    • Farmar drives, Ridnour commits blocking foul.
    • Beasley defends Bogans in corner, when guard penetrates toward Beasley’s side, Bogans cuts backdoor.  Beasley loses sight of his man, Bogans catches pass, misses contested layup.  Scrum ensues, Nets eventually score on basket in the paint.
  • Wolves
    • On final possession of quarter, Luke and Love unsuccessfully attempt a post up.  Quarter ends with desperation miss by Love at buzzer.
  • 4th Quarter
  • Wolves
    • Love has ball above high post, Beasley comes off of screen to catch and shoot from 16 feet.  He changes his mind in mid air (appears to see an open Wolf, but it isn’t there) and turns ball over.  The shot would have been there, had he just taken it.
  • Nets
    • Morrow is defended by Beasley.  Sets him up for a good down screen, Beasley doesn’t do a great job of being ready for this.  By the time he comes around the screen, Morrow is shooting.  Beasley leaps at him and hits his arm, Morrow makes the shot, falls to the ground and Beasley is whistled for the foul.  Three-point play.
  • Wolves
    • Beasley positioned in corner.  Rubio dangles around and eventually sets up Pekovic for a close shot.  Pek is fouled and goes to the line.
  • Nets
    • Beasley defending Shawne Williams.  Farmar has the ball on the wing and Williams sets a ball screen.  Beasley gives a half-show and floats back toward Williams, who popped to the corner.  Farmar flips the ball back to Williams who shoots the three in rhythm.  Beasley is not all the way out to contest the shot well.  Williams makes the shot.  Williams is shooting 26.5 percent from 3 this season, but 34.2 percent for his career.
  • Wolves
    • Love posts up, Beasley is in the way at first.  Beasley clears out to the corner, Love is passed the ball and converts a nice jump hook.
  • Nets
    • Beasley defending Williams who is in the corner, opposite the ball.  Beasley is in proper help position, just outside the paint on the weak side.  Shot goes up and Beasley waits for it.  Williams rushes in from the three line as Beasley is reaching up for the rebound.  Williams slaps at the ball and knocks it loose.  Basket is converted.
  • Wolves
    • Beasley posts up on the mid post.  Rubio passes it to him, and Beasley is immediately fouled by Williams on the pass.
  • 9:57 remaining in the 4th Quarter.  Wolves lead 84-83.  Wesley Johnson substitutes Michael Beasley.


  • Playing Time: 3:30
  • Stats: 0 points or shots, 0 rebounds, 0 assists, 1 turnover
  • Defense: 1 missed blockout, 1 time burned backdoor, 1 stupid foul and mediocre defense on Morrow shot, 1 time surrendered a pick-and-pop three to a 26.5 percent shooter, 1 time contested three attempt by Bogans with shot missed.
  • My Opinions: Watching it again, he had a string of successful plays against him, some with more culpability than others.  I’m fine with the decision to yank him if that’s Adelman’s way.  I guess I am more puzzled by him sitting out 10:33 after halftime when he had such a productive first half.  The lead was already slipping some with Mike on the bench (from 11 down to 7) and he probably sat too long.  Also, the player who came in for Mike (Wes) made many mistakes, most notably fouling a three-point shooter when his team was up by 5.  Of course, that shot went in.  I hope things go better for Mike tonight, and he learns to be more focused defensively.  So it goes.


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3 responses to “An Adelman Hook: What went wrong for Beasley in the 2nd Half

  1. @Andy G: Great breakdown. This pretty much leaves it ambiguous..

  2. Anonymous

    -9 in 3 min. stretch in 2nd quarter didn’t help, I suppose.

  3. Dave A.

    Beasley is a ball stopper. Doesn’t pick and roll very well. Pretty much a one-one guy — clearly the Wolves’ best. Great talent. Who would you rather have long term — Beasley or Johnson? Surprise. I’ll take Johnson for his defense. Both will get better.