Kevin Love Drinks Glen Taylor’s Milkshake

Mashup by Patrick J

Kevin Love just signed a 4-year deal with a PLAYER OPTION (NOT insignificant) after 3 years. The deal is reported to be in the $62-64 million range. Details here.

Is it just me, or is K-Love starting to look a bit like Daniel Plainview? And is it possible that his pitch to Glen Taylor was analogous to this, substituting “all-star” for “oil man”:

UPDATE: Kevin over at Howl at the Moon has an awesome facial hair vid up on his site in celebration of the K-Love deal. Go check it out!



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10 responses to “Kevin Love Drinks Glen Taylor’s Milkshake

  1. If there is ever a film produced about David Kahn, I just hope that Paul Thomas Anderson is the director.

  2. Hey Patrick….I had my K-Love slideshow all teed up for today’s announcement, expecting that everyone would be focusing on the $$$s and the opt-out, I went for a facial hair angle…..shoulda known that you’d beat me to it….sort of.
    Nice work.

  3. @Kevin: For my money, there could never be enough distraction from the contract talk OR enough posts on funny facial hair or Daniel Plainview comps. Glad you joined in on the fun, brother! I’m going to update our post with a link to your “Hair We Go” entry.

  4. Much appreciated….glad you like it.

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  6. sysoong

    That Plainview/Love mashup is wicked. Would like to see more Photoshop wizardry, please. Kthxbye

    • @sysoong: There will be more where that came from. A magician never reveals his tricks, but let’s just say that today’s Q&A with David Kahn has provided inspiration for another potential mashup. kthxbye

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