Timberwolves Reportedly Close to Signing Brandon Roy

The Timberwolves are reportedly close to signing free agent guard Brandon Roy to a two-year contract. Roy has a special place in the hearts of Wolves fans. Bill Bayno reportedly drove the Wolves’ initial interest in Roy, with David Kahn finally co-signing.

A few reactions:

  1. We like Bill Bayno.
  2. If Roy can play at all over the next two seasons, he would have a good chance of being better than any of the draft picks OR the free agents whose names have been bandied about by Wolves fans over the last few months. But it’s a big ‘if’.
  3. Roy was always at his best as the lead guard in Portland. He can play off the ball too, and Rubio is far less ball-dominant than many point guards, but does Roy’s comparative advantage get lost in an offense that features Rubio?

Let’s hope we get to find out.

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