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Getting Worse Before Better (GRIZZ 105, Wolves 88)

This was a blowout.  Blowouts are difficult to analyze.  It’s difficult to bring myself to write about it, and it’s difficult to put stats in the proper perspective when most of them meant nothing.  The first quarter was close, mostly because the Wolves pounded the glass to rebound their own misses.  When that stopped working, the glass-crashing led to Memphis points a plenty in transition.  The Grizz won the middle quarters by a combined 55 to 36.  Aside from in transition defense–primary or secondary–the Wolves kept fighting and managed to cut the deficit to 11 with 7:33 to go.  But that happens in blowouts, and it didn’t matter.  The Grizz put their starters back in and closed er down.  It was a blowout.

What went wrong?  (Besides “everything.”)

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