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Link-a-licious, 4/1/2014

How one of the most successful AAU coaches in America became one of the East Coast’s biggest drug traffickers.

The rise and possible decline of NBA blogging networks.

Gonzo NBA journalism in the Philippines, as only netw3rk and Rafe Bartholomew could do it.

The 1980s NBA, summarized in a three-minute read.

And some thoughts on NBA statistics from the 1960s.




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NBA Preseason Stats Musings

I finally took a look at some League-wide preseason stats, trends, and anomalies. Much of the data looks just like we’d expect. But the preseason always produces a few surprises and some good laughs.

A few of the things that stood out to me are below the fold.

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So, the graph is a bit misleading–this post isn’t about power functions or estimated effect sizes.  Just some lighthearted fun below the fold after last night’s depressing effort.

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