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Winning Time (RAPTORS 97, Wolves 87)


Look at me, Nick, and answer me this question.

All right.

Who is the greatest basketball player in the history of the game?

– Do you mean ever? – Come on. This is easy.

– Michael Jordan? – Michael Jordan.

Why was he the greatest? Because he paced himself.

Because he always had something left at the finish.

Magic Johnson called it ”winning time.” See those guys over there?

Yeah. Those guys think they’re kicking ass.

Believe me, it is early.

We are a long way from winning time, so pay attention.

– Okay. – You say you want it.

If you really wanted it…

you’d be in here, suffering the tortures of the damned with those guys.

– What? – There’s a big difference between…

being horny and being willing to put in the time night after night–

I want it. Okay? I go to high school. You don’t think that’s torture?

This is a lot of information.

I’m giving you the keys to the kingdom.

Yeah, I know.

How many boys your age get an opportunity like this?


So, stick your finger down your throat. Drink ice water, call it gin–

I don’t care what you do. Be ready to dive in at the moment of truth.

So… how often do you, like…

you know, like, get somebody to go home with you?

Every night.


Just because you’re not having sex, doesn’t mean the rest of us…are sitting around playing cribbage.


Until tomorrow.

Season Record: 3-6


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