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Wheelman Presents: Punch-Drunk Podcast, Vol. 4

In which we discuss Shabazz Muhammad, Royce White, Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, and Billl Simmons and the future of (sports) journalism.

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“Kevin Love WILL be traded.”

I hope you are enjoying the playoffs, as I am.  Opening Weekend was kind of a dud, filled with high seeds trouncing low seeds.  That changed quickly in the Game 2’s.  Chicago rallied to win at Brooklyn, splitting that series 1-1.  Golden State turned in the best playoff shooting performance since the early 90’s at Denver, evening that series as well.  Perhaps the best series “on paper” is Clippers-Grizzlies.  We couldn’t have asked for better Game 2 drama that Chris Paul versus Tony Allen at the buzzer.

The playoffs are, as always, the greatest time of the NBA year.  But they don’t involve the Timberwolves.  Covering the team isn’t so interesting in the weeks immediately following a lottery bound season.  So when Bill Simmons, the most famous sports writer in the world, writes unambiguously and emphatically that Kevin Love WILL be traded this summer or next season, I suppose that calls for a RESPONSE POST.

Here’s the full excerpt from Simmons’ Trade Value Column, where he ranked Love 20th in the NBA.

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Should the Timberwolves Trade Kevin Love?

Could Kevin Love occupy a season on another team's bench after the trade deadline?

Could Kevin Love occupy a season on another team’s bench after the trade deadline?

Kevin Love: 2012-13 Return Uncertain

Wolves fans learned today that All-Star forward Kevin Love may miss the rest of the 2012-13 season.

How big is the loss? It’s hard to say. Love missed the Wolves’ first nine games with a broken hand and the Wolves went 5-4 record. They were 9-9 in games he played after he returned November 21st, and they’re now 1-1 since he exited the lineup January 5th. So in terms of the W-L column, the team has been basically the same with or without him.

But the W-L column aside, one thing is for certain: Kevin Love did not play well in his limited time in the lineup after returning from breaking a bone in his hand while doing knuckle pushups under the supervision of his personal trainer in his downtown Minneapolis condo.

You don’t need stats to describe what was before every observer’s eyes: in his brief foray back, K-Love couldn’t shoot. He couldn’t run the floor. He stopped the ball too often.

Love just wasn’t the same guy we came to like last season. He was out of shape. He was disgusted with the team. He may have been – and may still be – jealous of Ricky Rubio.

Love just never came ready to play after the Olympics. That was definitely his best 2012 moment, unless you count his co-starring role as “Wes” in a great commercial with Kyrie Irving.

On and off the floor, it was pretty much a perfect storm of crappy-ness. This was a wasted season for Love, and one that should have been his time to cement his claim as the game’s best power forward.

Trade Bait?

Now, there’s another question looming: should the Wolves trade Kevin Love? Possibilities below the fold..

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