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Solution to Pop’s Tactics? Quarter Points

The growing anticipation of tonight’s Spurs-Heat game, a primetime TNT tilt, came to a screeching halt an hour or so ago.  Gregg Popovich, the “arrogant in an endearing sorta way” coach of the Spurs, decided to leave all of his best players home to rest.  No Danny Green.  No Tony Parker.  No Manu Ginobili.  No Tim Duncan.  No chance for a win.  No reason for fans to watch.  Pop takes a sick satisfaction in sticking it to the league–in this case, the fans too–and it is no coincidence that he chose primetime to utilize a favorite strategy of his to preserve player health and minimize the fatigue of an aging team.  I think most, or all, fans would agree that this is bad for the league.  But what can be done to stop it?  Nothing, exactly, but here’s an idea for a strong deterrent, pulled right from the game-wrap comments section (h/t Dave A):

Award quarter points for regular season games.

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