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Bayno Being Bayno

“Bayno credits these courts, this city, for supplying the lessons leading to his successful playing and coaching career. He does the clinic each year except for rare occasions when his schedule makes it impossible. He has known many of these players for years and helped most of them one way or another, whether with phone calls to college coaches or regular guidance from afar.

“I came here to be a better basketball player,” Bayno says later, “and I left a better person.”

The kids leave with another level of basketball knowledge – about 31⁄2 hours each day – and layers of advice about creating opportunities by doing the right thing on and off the court. They leave with Bayno’s email address and the promise that he will be monitoring their progress.”


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by | August 8, 2013 · 10:38 AM

Goodbye to Bayno, Hello to [David] Adelman

It unfolded yesterday in a manner of minutes:

Then this:

Then these:

And just like that, Bill Bayno — perhaps PDW’s favorite Timberwolves employee — was gone to Canada, and a new bench to work from.

Some thoughts:

Obvious but Sincere

First things first: Congratulations go out to Bill Bayno on the career promotion to first assistant coach of an NBA franchise. If things go well for him in Toronto, as they already have in Portland and Minnesota, we will begin to see Bayno’s name floated in discussions of NBA head coaching hires. He’s clearly moving up in the ranks and this is another step.

Bayno Out, David Adelman In, Concerns of Nepotism

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