Howland on Shabazz

[The Timberwolves] have committed to him. A guaranteed contract. I assured them that this kid is a great kid, not a good kid but a great kid. There won’t be issues off the floor. He’s driven, he wants to be great. He’s a player, like [former UCLA Bruins] Kevin [Love] and Jrue Holiday, that was a No. 1 kid coming out of high school. I think that benefits them moving forward. They want to compete, they want to be the best. He’s going to improve as a player. He’s a great kid. I look forward to following their team next year and see how they develop.

–former UCLA Coach, Ben Howland, on new Timberwolf, Shabazz Muhammad. While it’s hard to glean too much from an interview like this, from a majorly-biased source, I find it interesting how far Howland goes in explaining what a high-character guy he thinks Shabazz is. This is especially true, given that Howland was fired shortly after his one and only season with Shabazz. Some degree of reservation, or lack of enthusiasm, would be understandable. Full Q & A with here: (


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