Flashy Point Guard Show, Tonight at Target Center

John Wall. Ricky Rubio. That’s it.

No Love no Bud no Pek no ‘Drei no Roy.

Ho hum.

You should watch tonight’s game if for no reason other than that no other point guard in the NBA can do what John Wall does in that vid.

Andy G. and I saw the Wiz thrash the Wolves in DC back in January. (We even took pictures.) The box score doesn’t really do that tilt justice. The story was, the ‘Zards first unit would dismantle the Wolves, then our second team would gain a bit of ground, and then the ‘Zards first unit would again effortlessly extend the lead.

Before that game, I noted the Wolves’ problems but found a silver lining in the fact that Randy Wittman was no longer coaching the Wolves. (TERRY PORTER!)

Ricky wasn’t yet at full strength on January 25th. Now he is (or at least he’s playing really well and much more aggressively). John Wall owned the night in DC. If Jimmy Wa was king, Brad Beal was prince. Beal is doubtful for tonight’s game, so at least Luke’s life will be a bit easier, if only for a night.

Who will own tonight’s game in Minneapolis? (And thank god it’s in Minneapolis, not Washington here – Snowquester has the District and greater DC area shut down. And yes, Minnesotans, the myth is true: DC overreacts to the first hint of snow and doesn’t handle it well.)

Digression over: Can Rubio’s stellar defense slow the resurgent Wall?

Til later.


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