Wolves @ OKC: Searching for (Good) J.J. Barea & Other Misc.

I’m on the road today – lovely Pittsburgh is the destination – so I’ll keep this light.

The Wolves beat the Thunder on December 20th. The Wolves were above .500 back then. The Thunder had the best record in the League.

Good J.J. did stuff that night. If you don’t believe me, there video evidence above.

I was in Mpls for the holidays on December 20th. I  was at Target Center. I saw Good J.J.’s Good Outburst. Stuff got real.

That night, you could see the potential this team had back before injuries *completely* ravaged it.

Other tidbits:

  • No trades, people. Derrick Williams will be coming to you live, in a Wolves uni. WYSIWYG, that’s the new motto.
  • Can Pek keep thrashing? 27/18 in a win over Phila Wednesday night was gold. We’ll have to start a hashtag #NewTattooAlert if Pek keeps producing like an All-Star each time he adds ink in a script we don’t understand. 
  • Pek has a well deserved place on this list of Most Terrifying NBAers. But only #3? That’s an insult. Ziller needs to watch more Wolves games.
  • Will the real Alexey Shved please stand up? He hasn’t played well for a while, unless you count his Pretty Fly for a White Guy dunks in the Rookie-Sophs game during All-Star weekend.
  • OKC has lost three straight. OKC hasn’t lost four straight since 2008-09, back when youngins Westbrook and Durant were in their rookie and second seasons, respectively.
  • The Wolves are riding a one-game win streak. (We’re going streaking!)
  • OKC has beaten the Wolves in 13 of their last 14 meetings.
  • Hmmmm. Well, it goes without saying it would be nice to deal OKC some voodoo magic and push their losing streak to 4.
  • Kendrick Perkins: thug
  • Thabo Sefalosha scored a career-high 28 points in the Thunder’s last game, which is 5 more than all his other NBA games combined.

Other preview action over the Strib and Canis Hoopus, where Stop-n-Pop reflects on the Wolves’ and OKC’s remarkable divergence.


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