Fear the Beard, Part II, and Reconfiguring the Timberwolves

Harden Beard Crop

James Harden and the Houston Rockets are in town for a 7 PM tilt against the Wolves at Target Center.

The Rockets, having lost 6 straight, are really struggling. Immediately before their current 6-game losing streak began, Houston reeled off a 5-game winning streak.  Overall, the Rockets are 21-20. They are 2nd in the League in scoring and 30th in points allowed. (Adjusted for pace, their offense is ranked 9th, defense 18th.) James Harden is still reallyreally good, with the League’s 5th-best scoring average, 2nd-best assist average among non-point guards, and 1st-best beard.

Streakiness, mediocrity, and working the offense almost entirely through a go-to guy – what else could you expect from a Kevin McHale-coached team?

Can the Wolves really expect much out of this guy? (Fear the hat?)

Can the Wolves really expect much out of this guy? (Fear the hat?)

If the Rockets are struggling, the Wolves are reeling. Everyone’s hurt. If they’re not hurt, they’re sick. 10-day Kahntracts are being signed to stop the bleeding.

Mickael Gelabale is now a Timberwolf. He wears his hat on top of his hair. Canis Hoopus commenter Blond amor, who seems more informed about Gelabale than most, writes:

From València with love…

Since I am from València and a season ticket holder of Gelabale former team, let me give you some hints of what are you getting with him.

Basically, you’re getting an average player in terms of NBA. His defense is average, sometimes flashy when he’s off the ball, where he’s quite good, specially in help defense, which allows him to force turnovers and steals. When guarding one-on-one, he’s quick, but has problems to mantain positioning, so he gives too much space to his opponents, allowing uncontested shots. Good athlete, he was excellent when he was younger.

On offense, he’s good penetrating but not a good finisher, average spot up shooter, looks better than he really is. He’s unselfish, but more because of a problem of confidence than from a really passing mentality. Looks for good passing lanes constantly, allowing him to get uncontested shots. Run the fastbreak really fast.

To compare him with someone you know, similar to Martell Webster, not as flashy but with a better IQ. Euroball.

Why would I want pop-corn to watch a game if I have a Uni-corn?

by Blond amor on Jan 18, 2013 6:32 AM CST reply   12 recs

Gelabale might help…some. But Nicolas Batum isn’t walking through that door.

That’s not all.

There is talk of are more 10-day Kahntracts. (CHRIS JOHNSON(!)) The Wolves’ desperation is so palpable that the hardcore among us are taking a sick pleasure in debating the merits of bringing in non-NBA players on 10-day Kahntracts.

The bottom line is this: the Wolves are 16-20. Since Kevin Love re-injured his hand on January 3rd, the Wolves have  gone 1-6, dropping their last five by an average of 16.0 points. Ugh. Things don’t get any easier tonight, with no Pek, no Shved, and possibly no Dante Cunningham.

Will the real Derrick Williams please stand up?

Things in Wolves-land are so dire right now that we at Punch-Drunk Wolves are starting to feel That Punch Drunk Feeling that prompted the naming of this blog in the first place. It’s leading old habits to return, like drinking whisky and chain-smoking while flipping fitfully through draftexpress.com player profiles. Today, Andy G and I are scouting Alex Len, and not because we have an interest in Maryland or UNC.

Yep, readers, it’s a tough time to be a Wolves fan, but we stick it out and find silver linings. Or false hopes. Whatever gets us by.

Even if apropos of nothing, a win against Houston tonight would feel good.


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