Rapid Fire: 30 Questions for 30 Teams

  1. Bobcats – Is Byron Mullens the best player on this team?
  2. Pistons – How soon will Greg Monroe be an All-Star center?
  3. Hornets – Will Eric Gordon play another game this season?
  4. Wizards – Is Randy Wittman doing a good coaching job?  NECESSARY FOLLOW UP: Is my whole life a lie?
  5. Raptors – Should we (and by “we” I am not including myself—whatever) start rethinking Andrea Bargnani’s overall value, in light of Raps’ record with him (6-7) and without him (1-9)?
  6. Kings – Can we agree now that Westphal wasn’t really the problem?
  7. Nets – Is it possible to fast forward to next season?
  8. Knicks – Why does Mike D’Antoni coach a front-court heavy, half-court team?
  9. Suns – #freestevenash – (Sorry, that wasn’t a question.)
  10. Cavaliers – Are people getting a little bit TOO EXCITED about Kyrie Irving?
  11. Warriors – Is this the league’s biggest no man’s land/basketball purgatory team?
  12. TIMBERWOLVES – Can we beat the Nets and Rockets to get to .500 already?
  13. Bucks – Should we be happy that people are coming around on Brandon Jennings, or upset that it took this long?
  14. Celtics – Why hasn’t this roster been blown up yet?
  15. Grizzlies – Is this the best team in the West when its best player comes back from injury?
  16. Rockets – If the Rockets win more games (higher percentage) than last year, what does this say  about Kevin McHale as a head coach?
  17. Jazz – Should Al Jefferson be an All-Star reserve?
  18. Blazers – Can they get out of the first round of the playoffs?
  19. Lakers – What is the end game here?
  20. Magic – If Orlando gets enough in return for D12 (a fringe All-Star perimeter player and a big man) can they pull a 2011 Nuggets and become a scary playoff team?
  21. Mavericks – What the hell is going on with Lamar Odom?
  22. Clippers – Title contender now, or only after VDN and Chauncey are gone?
  23. Spurs – See Question #19.
  24. Nuggets – When the Nuggets fall in the playoffs, will it be because their up-tempo style doesn’t work as well in the series format, or because they don’t have the superstar talent that Team X/Y/Z has that beat them?
  25. Pacers –Did Larry Legend just totally demolish the old notion that you need to get worse before you can get better?
  26. Hawks – How long do we wait to ponder Al Horford’s importance (7-4 with; 9-3 without) to this team?
  27. Heat – Does anything matter before May and June?
  28. 76ers – Can they (or Pacers for that matter) reach Eastern Conference Finals?
  29. Thunder – Why does Scott Brooks seem to have to win a title with this young team in order to keep his job?
  30. Bulls – Is Derrick Rose wired the same as Michael and Kobe?  If so, can he avoid becoming as unlikeable as those two have become as people?  (Sorry that was two questions.) 

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