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Draft Talk, Take 1

In this late juncture of the too-long NBA regular season and with the Wolves’ absence from the Race for the 8 Seed, we’re going to begin talking some DRAFT.  We’ll try to make this a weekly series but as with all things Punch-Drunk Wolves, that’s subject to change based on, well, whatever we feel like doing.  In any case, here’s Draft Talk, take 1.

Best Fit, or Best Player Available?

Andy G: It’s a common question faced by teams of any professional sport that drafts players: Do we draft a player that fills a need, or do we draft whoever we’ve pegged as the best player available, regardless of position or fit?  In 2011 — the last time the Wolves had a lottery pick — this was a pressing question as there was a perfect storm of clear-cut “best player available” (only he wasn’t, but who’s counting?) that played precisely the same position as the Wolves’ All-Star and best player.  Of course I’m talking about Derrick Williams.  It’s been mostly a disaster with D-Thrill because a) he can’t play anything except the 4; and b) he’s not even that good at the 4.  Looking back, the Wolves woulda been better off going purely for need and drafting or trading down for a wing like Kawhi Leonard or Klay Thompson.  Oh well.

The Wolves remain without talented wing players.  They have a good point guard, a good power forward, and — assuming he is re-signed — a good center.  Do they absolutely have to draft a wing in the 2013 lottery, or what?

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